Work With Me

Hi! My name is Richard Jackson,
I’m a specialized photographer for events, culture and sports.

About Me

I started my photography career in 1998 working with a wedding and commercial photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, after re-enlisting, I narrowed my photographic pursuit to photojournalism because I prefer the challenge of capturing pictures “in the moment” in order to tell a compelling story whether of everyday life or breaking news events.

As a photojournalist, I believe it is important to invest the time to plan, research, and thoroughly develop my photos in order to successfully illuminate the story that my clients wish to tell. I have spent a lifetime touring the world, meeting people who have their own unique story to be captured and memorialized in photographs, and I understand how meaningful their experiences are to them. My clients and their stories drive my passion for capturing those special moments in a distinctive and memorable way.

Today, I am based in Switzerland and have been working as a freelance photojournalist and special events photographer throughout Central Europe since 2015. I am also an avid cyclist and outdoorsman.